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PyKaraoke can be installed on all platforms by downloading the source archive. You may also find pre-packaged installers are available for your operating system: Windows and GP2X users can use the installer, FreeBSD and NetBSD users can install from their official ports collections, and packages for Linux distributions are coming out of the woodwork, for example PyKaraoke is currently available in Debian.

Windows 98/XP/2000

PyKaraoke can be installed on Windows using the installer pykaraoke-0.7.1.exe.
This provides you with all supporting libraries needed by PyKaraoke, you only need to download this file. The installation creates a PyKaraoke item in the Start Menu from which the program can be run.


GP2X users can use the package to install PyKaraoke.


PyKaraoke can be installed from the official ports collection of FreeBSD.


PyKaraoke can be installed from the official ports collection of NetBSD.

Linux and Other Platforms

To install PyKaraoke you can download the cross-platform package
If you have the required libraries on your system already, this is all you need to start singing.

PyKaraoke requires the following libraries to be installed:

If these libraries are not already installed on your system, you can download them using the links above.

Linux users may find these packages are available directly from their distro's package manager. For example Debian users can install all prerequisites using:

     # apt-get install python-dev python-pygame libwxgtk-python libsdl-dev python-mutagen

With the prerequisites installed, unzip the release and run the following as root:

    # python install

This installs the executables into /usr/bin, and you can then run PyKaraoke from anywhere using:

    $ pykaraoke

Alternatively you can run PyKaraoke without installing by simply unzipping and running the following from the unzip location:

    $ python

Beware that the uninstalled version requires the Numeric library, and runs the more portable but slower Python-only version of the CDG player.

MIDI/KAR and Linux

Windows users can enjoy MIDI/KAR file support using the standard installation procedure. MIDI/KAR support on Linux, however, requires the following:

For example, to install Timidity++ on Gentoo together with Eric Welsh's eawpatches use:

    # emerge timidity++ timidity-eawpatches

Installation Issues

If you have any issues during installation, please check the Installation FAQ as there may be a known workaround.

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