cdgtools - CD+G Karaoke Tools


cdgtools is a suite of tools for handling CD+G karaoke disks and files.


cdgrip is a tool for ripping your CD+G disks and encoding them to MP3+G files on your hard disk. cdrdao is used to initially rip the CD to a binary file on your hard disk, and cdgrip then scans the binary file to encode the audio and graphics to .mp3 and .cdg files.


cdg2bin is the reverse tool of cdgrip. It can be used to create your own CD+G disks from your collection of ogg+cdg or mp3+cdg files. You can pass a list of karaoke song files to it, and it will create a binary file ready for burning by cdrdao. It even accepts tracks which are contained within .zip, .tar.gz or .tar.bz2 archives.


cdg2text is a debugging tool to convert your binary .cdg files to a textual representation.


02/06/2009: cdgtools v0.3.2 has been released. Adds support for the latest versions of Lame (v3.98) and WxPython (v2.8). Download it here.

08/07/2008: cdgtools v0.3.1 has been released. Minor fixes to the CDG ripper GUI this time.

27/06/2008: It is now possible to convert your CD+G files to MPEG, AVI and other formats using the new PyKaraoke release v0.6. Together with cdgtools this gives you the ability to rip CD+G disks to standard full motion video formats!

20/11/2005: cdgtools v0.3 has been released. Thanks to the excellent work of Will Ferrell, cdgtools now supports the creation and burning of CD+G disks. This has made cdgtools a complete solution for both the ripping and burning of CD+G karaoke disks.
Download the new release here

05/09/2005: We have just written a feature on PyKaraoke and cdgtools for Linux+ magazine. See the full 4 page article in their August edition. PyKaraoke is one of their recommended projects for this month. If you can't find it on your newsstand, read a PDF of the article "Karaoke on Linux" in English here or get the Polish, French, German, Spanish and Czech versions here

18/04/2005: cdgtools v0.2 has been released. New in this release:
* You can now use a GUI (cdggui) to rip your CD+G disks
* You no longer need to download cddb-py: FreeDB/CDDB support is built in
Download the new release here


If you need an MP3+G player, please also see our player project PyKaraoke.

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